Dynamic Pallet Racks

imagePrinciple of Dynamic pallet racks (FIFO) consists of moving pallet unit along the rack aisles, meaning that pallet unit changes position with reference to the initial place. Pallet handling is possible to accomplish in two ways:
- with gravitational force (using inclination of rack tunnel so the pallet moves on the rollers or using special carriage with wheels)
- with actuating force (tunnel is not inclined and the force is provided by pneumatic, hydraulic or electric power).

Pallet unit monitoring is very simple because pallet which first enters the rack aisle, also first goes out (this is very important for the goods with short period of use). In one rack aisle is placed same assortment of goods. These racks are used to storage palletized goods with low assortment and big quantities. Storage space is very well used because there are no corridors and unused space.


Dynamic Pallet Racks

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